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About Us

Sherman Academy was founded in 2010 as a nonprofit 501c 3 organization by Dr. Jennifer Sherman.  What started out as an After-School Tutoring program, evolved into a Homeschool Co-op and has now blossomed into a Private Elementary Christian School. Sherman Academy believes that all students deserve a quality and meaningful education that allows them to reach their full potential and lead meaningful lives. Sherman Academy is currently located in Winston-Salem, NC at the Marketplace Mall off Peter’s Creek Pkwy. We have Pre-K-3rd grade students. We pride ourselves in providing a learning environment that fosters love, care, nurturing, fun and praise.  As a Private Christian School, we believe in Jesus Christ and the principals of the Christianity faith. Sherman Academy is a Safe Place for children and Parents. We are the Village that the family and the community needs! At Sherman Academy students receive a solid foundation for learning and this allows our students to GET AHEAD and STAY AHEAD academically and in life!

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