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  • Our Curriculum aligns with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.


  • We bring the curriculum to life and apply it to real world situations. 


  • Our focus is for students to MASTER & APPLY their curriculum, especially in math, reading, technology and financial literacy.

  • Student’s learning environment is surrounded with LOVE, NUTURING, ACCEPTANCE and continuous PRAISE!


  • Our Classrooms are HAPPY spaces for learning and developing!

  • Our curriculum reflects our core values that ALL children can learn and that educators are to meet students where they are and lead them forward, through personalized learning, individual attention, while recognizing student’s strengths and potential.

Core Subjects:

  • Biblical Principals

  • Math

  • Reading

  • Technology

  • Financial literacy

  • Science

  • Writing & Literature


Other Subjects: Spanish, Music, Home & Life Economics, Social Emotional Learning, Physical Education

Our Lessons

  • Develops Biblical Character, Integrity and Morals

  • Connects with student’s lives and culture

  • Builds confidence and self-worth

  • Builds Leadership Skills

  • Financial Literacy & Savings-Investments

  • Technology

  • Speaking & Communication Skills

  • Mandatory- engagement, movement, activities, games, centers and lots of fun

Assessments: Sherman Academy does not believe that TESTS and ASSESSMENTS alone reflects the true level of a student’s knowledge and academic ability. We do NOT stress tests or labeling students with scores of 1-5 or grades of ABCDF. We do provide pre and post assessments which are for purposes of identifying starting points for learning and to showcase and measure growth and potential only.

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