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Specialty Programs


  • Students learn the Ten Commandments & Lord’s Prayer

  • Students learn affirmations and how to speak God’s word out loud and over their lives

  • Students learn about the statutes and precepts of Jesus Christ


  • Students Learn to enjoy all cultures and genres of music

  • Students have the option to learn how to play instrument and learn to read music

Financial Literacy

  • Students are learning how to manage money, beginning with tithing, saving and how to invest and make money. This will allow students to become entrepreneurs.


  • Students are learning beginning and basic Spanish

Life Skills

  • Students are learning the beginnings of basic life skills (Manners, Morals, Character Education, cleaning, cooking, personal hygiene, etc...)

Social Emotional Learning

  • Students are learning coping skills to recognize and manage emotions.

  • Students are taught methods and strategies to manage their feelings.

  • Students learn to meditate and learn to express sympathy, empathy and kindness to one another

  • Students are learning to value their life and others

Communication & Speaking

  • Students are learning how to effectively express and communicate their thoughts and ideas.

  • Students are learning to present and speak in front of others

  • Students are learning to be confident and empowered

After-School Tutoring (Additional Cost)

  • Students and non-students have access to after school tutoring. Must register

Parent Advocacy Program

Parents of students and non-parents can join the quarterly parent sessions-where parents are informed of new educational laws, their rights and best practices for building teacher-student-parent connections.

Students also learn about Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education and Recess

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