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Civility Policy

Sherman Academy does not tolerate any parents who do not act or speak in a mature & professional manner at all times while on Sherman Academy premises or surroundings. Students can be dismissed from the Academy for their parent’s behavior.

Conduct of Parents and Other Visitors

  • Our Civility policy is intended to maintain a safe, harassment-free environment for students, teachers, administrators, staff members, parents, and other members of the community. In the interest of presenting teachers and other employees as positive role models, we encourage positive communication and discourages volatile, hostile, threatening, profane or aggressive communication or actions, as well as disorderly conduct.

  • Teachers, administrators, and staff are expected to treat each other, students, volunteers, parents, and other members of the public with courtesy and respect. Any parent who believes he or she was subject to behavior at the school that is in violation of this policy should tell the principal, the employee’s immediate supervisor, or a board member.

  • In the same regard, parents and visitors are expected to treat teachers, students, volunteers, administrators, and other school employees with courtesy and respect. School employees who are faced with disorderly conduct or disruptive behavior have the right to end a meeting or telephone conversation and/or remove the person from school grounds. School Principals may place limitations on access to school grounds of an individual who has violated the above expectation, and may limit an individual’s future communications with school employees to one or more of the following: telephone calls, email, or written communications. The need for civility extends to events outside the regular school day. Any person who attends a school-sponsored, extra-class activity and behaves in a disorderly manner may be ejected. A Principal may exclude anyone found to be disorderly from extracurricular events for up to one year.

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