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Tomorrow's Leaders Today

About Us

About Us

Sherman Academy was founded in 2010 as a nonprofit 501c 3 organization by Dr. Jennifer Sherman.  What started out as an After-School Tutoring program, evolved into a Homeschool Co-op and has now blossomed into a Private Elementary Christian School. Sherman Academy believes that all students deserve a quality and meaningful education that allows them to reach their full potential and lead meaningful lives. Sherman Academy is currently located in Winston-Salem, NC at the Marketplace Mall off Peter’s Creek Pkwy. We have Pre-K-3rd grade students. We pride ourselves in providing a learning environment that fosters love, care, nurturing, fun and praise.  As a Private Christian School, we believe in Jesus Christ and the principals of the Christianity faith. Sherman Academy is a Safe Place for children and Parents. We are the Village that the family and the community needs! At Sherman Academy students receive a solid foundation for learning and this allows our students to GET AHEAD and STAY AHEAD academically and in life!

About the Founder

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Dr. Jennifer M. Sherman

  • Mother of four wonderful children 

  • Founder and Executive Director of Sherman Academy

  • Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership/Curriculum & Instruction- Highpoint University

  • Master Degree in Teaching-Salem College

  • Principal License-Appalachian State

  • Bachelors Degree Business Information System-Winston-Salem State University

  • Taught in public and charter schools for over 15 years

 WHY Dr. Sherman started Sherman Academy?

After educating students for over 15 years I noticed that students were being  promoted to the next grade unprepared and without mastery of content. This cycle is detrimental for students, it fuels the academic achievement gap and it supports systemic systems of oppression and failure. Especially in marginalize communities. Students can learn if you meet them where they are and guide them with understanding and encouragement. I simply want to develop the potential and God given purpose and talent that all children have. Then we will begin to see Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.™

About the Founder


Sherman Academy is committed to a meaningful, purposeful and engaging education that allows students to be active and creative in their learning experience. We believe that a three-fold cord is not easily broken and therefore we include family, community and teachers to support student’s learning. Our core curriculum is the cornerstone of a solid foundation that reflects, the life experiences of students, diversity, inclusion and collective ways of learning through individualized, engaging, hands-on and small group lessons, in a caring, nurturing and loving environment.   


Sherman Academy is  committed to developing well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We are committed to providing a positive, safe and loving environment where students are valued, enjoy their learning experience and are prepared to become Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.

Other Information

Other Information & programs

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Financial Literacy (Students and Families)

Sherman Academy provides wealth building and financial literacy programs for kids


Transportation (Not provided at this time)



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We are located at the Marketplace Mall off Peter's Creek Pkwy, 2101 Peter's Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem NC, 27127                 336-271-1517

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Success Stories

I would like to say that since deciding to change my daughters school I have not looked back. I can honestly say that without Dr. Sherman and her teaching staff my daughters wouldn’t be as far as they are now. Last school year is when the pandemic hit and with a pre kindergartner and a kindergartner it was so tough and they fell so behind and the school my oldest was attending didn’t care if she fell behind and they did not care if she learned differently than the others. At Sherman Academy it’s the complete opposite. She’s not scared to participate as she was before. After the first two weeks of school she ran to me very excited saying that she was able to raise her hand because she knew the answers and as a mom it warmed my heart because I was getting to a place where I felt I failed her. Maybe I worked to much or maybe I didn’t go over things with her as much as I should’ve. Sherman Academy took that feeling away. Sherman academy is the future and I know that for a fact. With my youngest she gives up on herself a lot and since being there she’s starting to change all of that around. She is getting where she wants to try and if she doesn’t know it she loves learning it. They both are always excited to go to school. It’s not often you hear children getting upset on a Saturday morning because they’re not going to school. Dr. Sherman is always saying how she appreciate us parents but really we should all thank her and the teaching staff for giving our children another option, giving children a chance to actually grow and learn and succeed. Thank you for not considering our children as a number and actually seeing them as the future. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I know that God made things the way they are so that my children would be able to attend the academy. I’m grateful for Dr. Sherman and the teachers at Sherman Academy.

K Williams

Dr. Sherman, “Josiah is up some mornings as early as 6 am “asking” to go to school. He truly loves the environment and both his teachers at the Academy. He loves to make sure we’re up to date on what he’s learned once we get home. He uses bath time as an opportunity to show off his developing addition skills. I thank GOD for you, your vison and all those who have been and are a part of it."

C. Mack

Sherman Academy is such a blessing to us. Dr. Sherman has such a sweet spirit and is a very open communicator. I am thankful for her gift and that she has created such a safe space where children can truly grow, thrive, and feel loved. The environment that Dr. Sherman has created is such a fun learning atmosphere that my 2-year-old fights due to wanting to stay each day. It really is homeschool away from home. My son attends and loves it so much that he awakes before his alarm. EVEN. ON. THE. WEEKENDS. (Laughs). He asks throughout the whole weekend when he'll be able to go back and that speaks volumes! If you're looking for a place where your child's needs are sure to be met, look no further! Sherman Academy does it best!

S. Swann

Success Stories

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Jennifer Sherman

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